Saturday, February 16, 2013

Caprese, Kitchen Sink Style!

It's that time of year where we all make promises which we sometimes intend to keep.  In my case I am working on recommitting myself to the wheatless life.  After success in training and finishing in the 2012 Portland Duathalon, I am setting my sights higher with the hopes of improving my time and loosing that little unattractive bulge...I also have been called up to do a work training and I'd REALLY like to fit into my dress uniform.  This calls for committing to healthier lifestyle choices over the winter...AFTER the Holidays of course.  So,that being said, I'd like to present my version of a personal favorite...not as fancy as the restaurant, but much easier to enjoy while curled up on the couch watching a movie.  :)


Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Fresh Basil Leaves
Tomatoes (I prefer Cherry)
Fresh Mozzarella
Honey roasted sunflower seeds

Mix equal amounts of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, enough to coat the amount of the other ingredients in the salad.

Slice mozzarella into quart-inch slices and again into chunks.  If using large tomatoes, cut into chunks. Toss both into dressing mixture and let sit while preparing the rest of the ingredients.

Loosely chop Spinach leaves and several basil leaves and mix into the bowl.  Grate the Parmesan, slice prosciutto, add a handful of sunflower seeds, and toss together.

Now, pour yourself a glass of red wine and, if you feel good about cheating on your diet, grab a slice of Seattle's Bay Front Sourdough and enjoy!