Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's a Simple Complicated Procedure...

It seems like it should be simple...you get hungry, you eat something.  However, in a world where there are numerous options for the palate, the process of deciding on something both savory and satisfying can make choosing a meal challenging.  The process is further complicated by the difference in opinion of what foods are actually healthy and what will send you spiraling on your merry way towards obesity, health complications, and possible early death. Once you've made the decision as to what shape your culinary lifestyle is going to look like then comes the work in figuring out how you're going to make that lifestyle work for you especially if it means the removal of one or more of the major food groups such as meat, dairy, grains, or spam.

Having given up most grains, processed foods, and a combination of other items in my attempt to follow what is called the Primal or Paleo diet, I feel the pain of those around me seeking other options to many of their favorite foods such as Mac and Cheese, Sandwiches, and Spammy-spam or simply trying to find something worth cooking and eating for days on end.  I share my findings with you. 

Bon Appetite

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