Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oat Flour Pancake

Wow...It's been a long time since I've been on here.  I'm a bad blogger.

So, demands for my oat flour pancake recipe have moved me to pull out the camera and dust off this blog...wait, what's that...what happened to no grains, you ask?  Phhhsshh.....mumble, mumble mumble....


...It being a snowy, cozy Sunday, this seems to be the perfect day to make said pancakes.  So, let's begin.

FIRST, my disclaimer:

  1. All of my recipes are made from scratch, usually to taste and I don't usually take measurements so the measurements listed here are approximate.  It is up to the chef to take frequent taste tests and be free to make their own modification according to their own palate.
  2. There is no fear of solid or animal fats in this kitchen.  Substitutes using oils of your choice is permitted.  Cutting fats completely is also permitted.  It is encouraged to try the recipe as it is before making changes...if guilt of said scary fats if a concern, follow eating pancakes with three miles of snow shoeing and a half hour of jogging in'll take care of that guilt in no time.
  3. If modifications are made please share the results because we all like to try new things.
OK!  Let's get started:

The Cast

1/2 cup           Oat Flour
1 Tbls             Rice Flour (optional)
1/4 tsp            Baking Powder
1/2 tsp            Baking Soda
1                     Egg
1 tsp               Bacon drippings (In my case, sometimes two...^.^)
Splash            Vanilla
1/2 Cup          Buttermilk
2 pats              Butter
To taste          Salt

This recipe makes two large pancakes so if you're cooking for more just double, triple, quadruple accordingly.

First mix all dry ingredients except salt, save the salt for last. Slowly, mix in buttermilk, bacon drippings, and vanilla.  If you have no fear of raw eggs you may also mix in the egg, however if salmonella is a phobia of yours, save the egg for last till after you've tasted your mixture. 

The mixture should be somewhat runny.

Taste test time...remember, with salted butter, bacon drippings, the baking powder, and soda there will already be a lot saltiness so it's better to taste and salt to your preference. 

Heat your skillet on a low medium heat.  I use a cast iron pan so it runs warmer than regular pans.  Melt a half a pat of butter and let it spread evenly in the pan.

Pour about half of the pancake batter into the pan and let it cook till nice little bubbles form around the edges and the top begins to lose it's sheen.  Lift the pancake with your flipper (the wider the better).  Throw another half pat of butter on the pan and let it melt and spread before flipping the pancake to it's other side.  Cook till this side is nice and brown.

Nice's about ready to flip.

Repeat till you have a stack of pancakes and the batter is gone.

Serve with your choice of syrup, butter, yogurt dressing, fruit, or in my case egg.

Follow with a cinnimon mocha and spend the rest of the day relaxing.  :)

Tips and tricks....

I have found that using saved bacon drippings (always stored in the fridge in a container of course) are much saltier tasting than fresh drippings.

I usually pull my pan off the burner and wipe it clean between pancakes.

Many of the recipes I've explored use sugar.  I just chose not to...doesn't mean you shouldn't.

The cinamon mocha is could also have a vanilla mocha or an almond mocha or a mint mocha or a hazelnut mocha or a..........

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