Monday, May 5, 2014

The Berry Green Giant-Kick to All That Ails You

Yes, paired with the energy bites from the previous post, this tall glass of antioxidant, immune boosting, anti-inflammatory, healthy goodness will kick just about anything on its ass while filling you chock-full of nutrients to keep you going.  I try to have one of these, at the least, three or four times a week even if it's for dinner.


A couple of things to consider to get the most out of your creation:
  • Fresh is the best and Organic Non-GMO is even better. Don't make your body fight harder than it needs to by putting in things it has to decipher how to digest.
  • If you can't do fresh, flash-frozen, organic, Non-GMO is better.
  • A good blender is a good investment.  I'm still using a 12 year old blender my ex-husband got me for our first Christmas together.  (I should have seen the signs right there...) It is functional, but if you really want to get things smooth and blended well, pull out that pocket book and get yourself one of those new-fangled deals that runs on a reduced scale jet engine....You wont regret it I promise.  (picks a chia seed out of teeth)
  • If you're a picky foodie, don't put a lot of weight on each individual ingredient; I promise you there are some that will make you go "WTF?".  You're not going to be able to taste them all and really, if it was between death and cilantro you'd pick cilantro right?  RIGHT?!!!
 Ok, then, here we go:

1 banana  not over ripe
1/2 avacado (but for some of you, you better eat the other half of that avacado while you're making this because you need it.)
1 Handful of spinach leaves
5 large Basil leaves
10-15 Cilantro leaves
1 or 2 TBLS of Chia Seeds
1 large Dollop of plain Yogurt
1/4 cup of almond or organic soy milk (Soy is better because of the protein but only if it's organic/Non-GMO
1 2" finger of ginger
A pinch of Tumeric
1/8 tsp of Cinnamon
2 heaping TBLS of brewers yeast
1/2 Tbls of Raw Honey
1 heaping Tbls of Peanut Butter
1 Tbls of fresh squeezed Lemon

Mix these in your turbo-blender till silky smooth.  Add more soy or Almond Milk as needed if  too thick.

Drink it down!!!

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